Magnesium Oil Roll:

There has been recent postings online about people using magnesium oil to help treat their lipomas.

I first noticed this post on a lipoma Facebook page a couple of months ago, a man recently applied the magnesium oil roll onto his lipomas for a couple months and noticed them slowly shrink and dissolve.

However they did not completely disappeared and he coupled his treatment with a slight adjustment to his diet by not consuming high fructose products.

This particular Facebook post received a lot of attention online with many users giving this treatment a go, some have had great results of reducing their lipomas while others have had no change.

I will be testing this product on my lipomas for the next two months and will you keep you posted on any progress every two weeks.

About Magnesium:

Magnesium oil is made from magnesium chloride flakes mixed with water, creating an oiling texture.

Magnesium plays an important role in over 300 enzymatic reactions within the body including the metabolism of food, synthesis of fatty acids and proteins, and the transmission of nerve impulses.

Many of us have magnesium deficiency which can cause a range of issues for our health, the office of Dietary Supplements recommends 400-420mg for men and 310-320 for woman.

Magnesium, like B-vitamins, is an important energy nutrient that functions in your body to activate enzymes involved in the digestion, absorption, and use of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Without energy nutrients, you can develop unnecessary food cravings, low blood sugar, anxiety, and a tendency to overeat making weight loss virtually impossible.

Magnesium also helps insulin guide glucose into cells for energy. When there is not enough Magnesium available for that process, glucose and insulin levels elevate, glucose is stored as fat, and the extra insulin puts you at risk for diabetes.

My testing:

I will be treating the lipoma on my right arm which is approximately 2cm in in length and width. It is squishy and still growing.

My testing will start on the 1st of March 2017 and rolling on magnesium oil once a day before bed directly on the lipoma on my right arm



I will provide updates every two weeks.


The magnesium oil that I am using is below.

If you decide to following the same treatment then please keep us updated.

There are many different brands of magnesium oil out there, however this is the particular product a member of a lipoma Facebook group was using when he noticed changes.

If you wish to use the same product  to test this theory out yourself please feel free to purchase this product anywhere you like, however if you do purchase it through this Amazon Affiliated link below you will be supporting the SkinGlitch website with a small commission.

Always consult a doctor before testing any products and please share any of your research and results  to help others out with their lipomas.[/column]


My Result:

After testing this product for the past two months I can confirm that this product has not reduced the size of my lipoma.

However I wouldn’t discourage anyone from buying and trying this product on their own lipomas as products like these effect everyone differently and there has been a few cases that i have read that these kind of products work.

There are people online who have said this product has helped shrink their lipomas, if you do buy and test this product out, please document your journey in the comments below.

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