An old diet from the 1920s called the Ketogenic Diet has come back into fashion and become the next new fad around me at work and amongst my friends. It is a diet that completely changes your metabolism from a common state of converting carbohydrates to glucose and insulin that energises and powers our bodies, to lowering our carbohydrates and sugar intake forcing our bodies to use our liver to convert fat into fatty acids and ketones which energies and powers our bodies. As this is a complete change in our metabolic system it made me question whether there is a connection between this and lipomas.

What is the Keto Diet:

The Ketogenic diet is a low carbohydrate and high fat diet designed to ensure your body runs on fat or ketones within your body as opposed to glucose. Generally when you consume carbs, your body converts this to glucose which in turn converts to energy and gives us the required energy to function, any excess carbs or fat consumed will then be stored as unused fats. If you switch this and consume little to no carbohydrates your body will fall into a state referred to as ‘Ketosis’, where your body will produce ketones which breakdowns the fats within your liver. In order to successfully achieve ketosis you will need to plan your meals to ensure you consume no more than 25g of net carbs (carbohydrates less fibre) and try to ensure your food consumption falls within the following split: 70% fats, 25% protein, and 5% carbohydrate

A great guide to the ketogenic diet is below:

What is the Ketogenic Diet? A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide

Some excerpts from around the net:

Doing some online searching to find a connection between the Keto Diet and Lipomas revealed a few suffers who took on this diet with no change, but quite a few that had great results. This gives me hope that there is some who have successfully reduced there lipomas by way of diet. This is straight from webpages across the internet so you shouldn’t believe everything you read online, but this still gives me hope and I would encourage anyone who gives this diet a go to firstly consult your doctor and if you go ahead, to document and share your results:

  • A post from Reddit

  • A Post from the LipomaBoard forum

  • An interesting article on how scientists are researching the Ketogenic Diet as a weapon against cancer. Although lipomas are not cancerous tumours, this article touches on the connection between glucose and tumours themselves, by cutting off glucose we could potentially reduce the size of our lipomas:


Starting the Keto Diet:

Before you decide to start any diet, in particular the Keto Diet, I would highly recommend you consult your doctor first. This diet effects your bodies glucose and insulin levels and could have negative effects on your body. I suffer from lipomas like many of of you and this is the reason for these articles, it’s to put our theories out there and see if anything works. If you start this diet it would be great if you could share your progress in the comments below.


Monitor your Keto levels:

It can usually take a day or two for our bodies to enter into a state of ‘ketosis’, you can monitor this in two different ways i) using urine strips or by a more accurate but expensive method ii) blood test.


Blood Test:

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