Acid vs Alkaline Based Foods

I was recently recommend to watch a YouTube video by Dr Robert Morse who speaks briefly about what he believes is the cause and cure for lipomas.

As I have quite a few lipomas across my body this article is focused on the connection between lipomas and acid based foods that we consume on a daily basis.

I have included his YouTube video at the bottom of this article, the part of the video where Dr Robert Morse discusses lipomas starts at 12minutes and 25 seconds and he states that lipomas are caused by an acid condition within our bodies.

The audio is not great quality but after some research on the topic I have come up with the following information that I believe he is saying:

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  • When we eat unhealthy foods (burgers, fries, sweets, sugar, saturated fats etc.) it causes high levels of acidity in our bodies (note the chart below).
  • Our bodies need to fight against high levels of acidity in our system as it affects our pH  levels within our bodies (we need to maintain a 7.3-7.4 on the pH scale).
  • If our bodies fall below a pH level of 7-7.3 then clinically we have a condition referred to as acidosis.
  • Our bodies try to neutralize these acids within our bodies (in particular the fatty acids) by drawing on alkaline buffers from other areas of our bodies (such as calcium, magnesium, potassium etc.)
  • Our bodies also try to get rid of these toxins through the lymphatic system, our waste and through our skin.
  • When our bodies try get rid of a lot of toxins through our skin it can cause eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne and I believe lipomas too.


Eating a lot of food that is high in acids can have a negative impact on your overall health such as acne, sensitive gums, poor digestion (which could be a cause for lipomas), weight gain, and a decrease in your cellular energy etc.

Having an acidic environment within your body can push you pH levels down below 7 which will result in your bodies being in a state of acidosis.

Bacteria and viruses thrive when you are in a state of acidosis.

Our bodies try get rid of these acids by drawing on minerals within our bodies such as potassium, magnesium and calcium (occasional leached from out bones and usually a connection to osteoporosis)

When this is not enough our bodies will try shift out the acids via our lungs (greatly effecting our oxygen levels within our bodies) and also our skin (causing a variety of skin disorders).

The build-up of this acidic toxins is one of the primary reasons why we have high levels of eczema, psoriasis and I believe lipomas too.

Acid vs Alkaline Chart

There is a lot of conflicting information on the internet about which foods are acidic or alkaline based.

This is a chart based on the research by Dr Young an Alkaline diet pioneer.

This chart is very accurate as it is interested in the acidity levels of foods after they are consumed as opposed to before.

Potential Solution:

There is a strong connection between the foods we are consuming on a daily basis (i.e. meat, alcohol, preservative, sugar, dairy) and diseases and issues present within our bodies.

As someone who suffers from both lipomas and psoriasis I believe the key to tackle these issues is to consume the right kinds of food or at least significantly reduce highly acid based foods from my diet.

There are a few solutions to remedy this situation and I am sure you can suggest others too in the comments, such as :

  • Increase you consumption of Alkaline based foods to help neutralise the acidity in your body, the first item on the highly alkaline list is Alkaline Water
  • Reduce your consumption of acid based foods to reduce the pressure on your body to get rid of these toxins, especially the toxins via your skin which may be a cause for your lipomas as mentioned by Dr Richard Morse.
  • Consider an alkaline only detox
  • Drink up to 4l  of good quality or high alkaline water (as mentioned above this no. 1).
  • Drink water with a half to 1 teaspoon of baking soda


My Testing:

I will be purchasing the high alkaline based water and foods to include as part of my diet to try neutralize the acidity in my system and see if anything changes with my lipomas in the next month or two.

My first purchase will be alkaline water as this is an easy insert into my diet.

I will also need to look into alkaline diet recipes as starting this diet I have had difficulties finding out what it is I can eat.

As this is a new diet that I will be attempting I will also be getting information on alkaline recipes to help me accomplish my goal.

What is your bodies current pH level

You can now find out what your bodies Acid and Alkaline levels are by using these pH strips.

I have not used them before but I am putting my order through this week to help monitor my pH levels.

It will be good to use when trialing different diet techniques (i.e. starting the morning with lemon and ginger water).

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Dr Richard Morse

This is the video by Dr Richard Morse which gave me the idea to research about acidosis and its connection to Lipomas.

He discusses lipomas at 12minutes and 25seconds.

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